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Movie: Assassination (English & literal title)
Revised romanization: Amsal
Hangul: 암살
Cast: Gianna Jun, Lee Jung-Jae, Ha Jung-Woo, Cho Jin-Woong, Choi Duk-Moon, Oh Dal-Su, Heo Ji-Won, Lee Kyoung-Young, Kim Eui-Sung, Park Byung-Eun, Jin Kyung, Kim Hong-Fa, Jung In-Gyeom, Kim Hae-Sook, Cho Seung-Woo
Genre: Action, Period
Director: Choi Dong-Hoon
Writer: Choi Dong-Hoon, Lee Gi-Cheol
Producer: Ahn Soo-Hyun, Choi Dong-Hoon, Kim Sung-Min
Cinematographer: Kim Woo-Hyoung
Release Date: July 22, 2015
Runtime: 139 min.
Distributor: Showbox/Mediaplex
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

"Assassination" takes place in the 1930s. The film is about a group of pro-Japanese. The killers and agents of the Korean provisional government together. Snipers, Ok-Yoon (Gianna June) is the leader of a group of killers.
 He took this job because it has a strong desire to realize the independence of Korea. Yeom Seok-Jin (Lee Jung-Jae) is an agent of the interim government. He plans to get out of a group of assassins and give orders to the group-Yoon Ok. Hawaii Pistol (Ha Jung-Woo) is a hitman in the group.

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