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Movie: Always (English title) / Only You (literal title)
Revised romanization: Ohjik Geudaeman
Hangul: 오직 그대만
Cast: So Ji-Sub, Han Hyo-Joo, Yoon Jong-Hwa, Kang Shin-Il, Park Chul-Min, Cho Seong-Ha, Jin Goo
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Blindness, Tearjerker
Subtitle: Indonesia, English
Director: Song Il-Gon
Writer: Song Il-Gon, Roh Hong-Jin, Yoo Young-A
Producer: Moon Bomi
Cinematographer: Hong Kyung-Pyo
World Premiere: October 6, 2011 (Busan International Film Festival)
Release Date: October 20, 2011
Runtime: 108 min.
Distributor: Showbox/Mediaplex
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Marcellino Jang Min Chul aka aka Kim Hak Sun starring So Ji Sub. Jung Hwa played by Han Hyo Joo. The two met by chance in the parking lot booth when new Min Chul were employed part-time doorman parking. There, Jung Hwa usual ride to watch dramas on television. The habit is slowly making Chul Min and Jung Hwa know each other. Until one day, Chul Min prevented when Jung Hwa nearly experienced sexual harassment from superiors where he works, Since then, both life changing. Min Chul Jung Hwa who promised to protect become more eager to get back to training to become a boxer. While Jung Hwa with visual impairments become more cheerful their daily lives. Conflict between the two began to arise when the secret of their dark past slowly began to unfold.


Always Subtitle Indonesia

Always Subtitle Indonesia

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