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Drama: Bridal Mask (English title)
Revised romanization: Gaksital
Hangul: 각시탈
Cast: Joo Won, Jin Se-Yun, Park Ki-Woong, Han Chae-Ah, Shin Hyun-Joon, Song Ok-Suk, Jeon No-Min, Lee Kyung-Sil, Ahn Hyung-Joon, Yoon Bong-Kil, Kwon Tae-Won, Lee Il-Jae, Jeon Hyun, Son Byung-Ho, Lee Byung-Joon, Son Yeo-Eun, Seo Yoon-A, Cheon Ho-Jin, Park Joo-Hyung, Jeon Kuk-Hwan, Bruce Khan, Kim Eung-Soo, Yoon Jin-Ho, Kim Jung-Nan, Choi Dae-Hoon, Bang Joong-Hyun, Ban Min-Jung, Kim Bang-Won, Ji Seo-Yun, Baek Jae-Jin, Jang Joon-Yoo, Lee Jae-Won, Oh Eun-Ho, Yang Hee-Yoon, Kim Kyu-Cheol, Ahn Suk-Hwan, Kim Tae-Young, Ko In-Beom
Genre: Action, Period Drama, Romance
Director: Yun Seong-Sik, Cha Young-Hoon
Writer: Huh Young-Man (comic), Yoo Hyun-Mi
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 28
Release Date: May 30, 2012 – September 6, 2012
Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:55
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Korean drama "Bridal Mask" tells the story of a masked hero of Korea in the Japanese colonial era. The man behind the masked hero is Lee Kang To, a detective. His father was from a noble family rich and powerful but devoted himself and his fortune to the independence movement. because of his efforts, Le Kang To's father was killed by Japanese invaders. Not only that, his brother who was very intelligent and had entered the university also made helpless after joining the independence movement. Fed up with all the tragedy that befell his family, Lee Kang To finally determined to achieve success in their own way with a detective.Despite working for the colonial rule, but patriotism does not let his people persecuted. He did not want to sacrifice like his father and his brother fell. Therefore, in addition to carrying out its duties, Lee is also helping people who are in the blacklist by the Japanese invaders. For her safety, whenever action, Lee wore masks Gaksikal, which is a traditional Korean mask commonly in use in the performing arts. because the mask is in kenakannya, Lee Kang To, known also as pahaan Gaksital. Is Lee Kang To struggle as pahawan masked fruition? And if he can escape his Japanese soldiers? Please read the synopsis detail in the following link.

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