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Title: 아름다운 그대 에게 / For You in Full Blossom / To The Beautiful You
Genre: K-Drama, Comedy, Romance / Romance 
Number of Episodes: 16 
Active Period: August 15 2012-4 October 2012 
Showtimes: SBS | Wednesday and Thursday | 21:55 KST 
Serial Drama: TV Series 
Country: South Korea, Asia 
Korean language 
Duration: 60 minute / episodes  

Choi Minho as Kang Tae-joon 
Sulli as Goo Jae-hee / Jay Dawson 
Lee Hyun-woo as Cha Eun-gyeol  
Seo Jun-young as Ha Seung-ri 
Hwang Kwang-hee as Song Jong-min 
Kang Ha Neul as Min Hyeon-jae  
Yoo Min-kyu as Jo Young-man  
Kim I-an as Na Cheol-soo 
Synopsis :
          Goo Jae Hee (Sulli) is a Korean girl who lived in the United States. One day, he saw to the athletic field where ongoing competition on TV. Jae-hee became interested in one of the high jump competitors, Kang Tae-joon (Choi Minho). He idolized young athletes Tae-joon and finally he decided to transfer to Korea to move to the same school with Tae-joon. Although Tae-joon no longer had an accident that could potentially end his career. 
          Tae-joon attend event for boys and Jae-hee disguised as a boy to get in and meet with Tae-joon. When Jae-hee disguised as a boy, Tae-joon hated him. But suddenly, brother Jae-hee, Daniel Dawson (Julian Kang), came to Korea for a while. Her brother finally know what her sister did. Daniel immediately decided to make Jae-hee left the school. 
           When Jae-hee and Daniel chatting to mangajak Jae-hee out of school, Tae-joon overhears their conversation through the door. Conversation Jae-hee and Daniel about the identity of the original Jae-hee of real women know Tae-joon. Tae-joon was surprised but did not tell Jae-hee that she knows his secret. Knowing he was a girl, Tae-joon wondered if he should tell the school about Jae-hee.He soon realized that the reason Jae-hee get into their school because of him.  
             He decided to keep it a secret Jae-hee for himself, even though he knew might be expelled from school if caught. So what will happen Jae-hee disguised as a man? Will unmasked later be unmasked?

List of Episode
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OST”To The Beautifull You”

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