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TV Show: Boys Over Flowers
Revised romanization: Kkotboda Namja
Hangul: 꽃보다 남자 
Director: Jeon Ki-Sang
Writer: Yoon ji-Ryeon
Network: KB2S
Episodes: 25
 Release Date: January 5, 2009 - March 31, 2009
Runtime: Mon. 21:55
 Genre: Teen/ Romance / Scholl
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Lee Min Ho as Go Jun Pyo
Koo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di
Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Ho
Kim Bum as So Yi Jung
 Kim Joon as Song Won Bin
Lee Min Jeong as Ha Jae Kyung 
Han Chae Young  as Min Seo Hyun
Kim So Eun as Chu Ga Eul
            Boys Over Flowers is a Korean adaptation drama adapted from the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango. Boys Before Flowers himself began airing on January 5, 2009 in KBS2TV and ending on March 31, 2009 with 25 episodes. Previous series has already been made from Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, and Indonesia. The film is a romantic genre, did not escape the series of previous state of this series is quite panned the audience in South Korea. Although the series never ran, but the director makes this series more different from the previous series by the artist and newcomer actor. The film became a breakthrough hits in various countries outside of South Korea such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and various other Latin countries. Geum Jan Di (Koo Hye Sun) is a girl who comes from an ordinary family that has a laundry shop located near Shin Hwa School, the most prestigious school in South Korea. 
            The beginning of the story begins when Jan Di wanted to deliver laundry belonging to one of his students Shinhwa, laundry turns out it belongs to the students who are going to commit suicide because of bullying from the stress gets F4. Coincidentally Jan Di helping the child. His actions soon become public attention and sparked public outrage against the Shin Hwa. To calm public outrage, Jan Di was offered a swimming scholarship to attend school in Shinhwa, she initially refused but finally received it after his family forced him. During the first day at Shinhwa. Jan Di tries to avoid confrontation with the F4, because she knows what happens to those who dare oppose F4. Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho), Yoon Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong), So Yi Jung (Kim Bum), and Song Woo Bin (Kim Joon) are the children of the richest and most powerful in the school Shinhwa and in South Korea , They use power to terrorize weaker students or those who do not like them. Jan Di, rather than impressed, being angry and disgusted with F4 mainly to Gu Jun Pyo, the leader and initiator of many acts of bullying. His courage rose when a friend, Oh Min Ji, accidentally spilled ice cream on the shoes Jun Pyo and Jun Pyo DEMANDED the girl to lick his shoes. Jan Di defends her friend to replace Min Ji to lick shoes Jun Pyo. By pretending to lick, Jan Di bent down and threw the ice cream in the face of Jun Pyo. Angered by this, Gu Jun Pyo declares war on Jan Di and ordered other students to work on Jan Di. Jan Di, trying to survive, refused to apologize to Gu Jun Pyo, and stands by his decision to fight him. Best friend Jan Di, Ga Eul (Kim So Eun) often finds himself in the same place with Yi Jung. One day, Yi Jung found Ga Eul crying after he dumped his girlfriend .Yi Jung Ga Eul invited to a night club where the former girlfriend Ga Eul often seen. Yi Jung pretended to fall in love with Ga Eul to make jealous ex-boyfriend. After the incident, Ga Eul fell in love with Yi Jung. On Valentine's Day, he waited outside his house, to give him chocolate. Yi Jung came up with two girls and refused brown giving Ga Eul. When Ga Eul angry, Yi Jung reminded that they are in the nightclub was only pretense, and it was not his fault if Ga Eul consider it seriously. Jan Di continuously disturb even make Gu Jun Pyo falls in love with the girl. By all means Jun Pyo tried to approach Jan Di. When love begins to blossom between Jan Di and Jun Pyo, Jun Pyo's mother knowing their relationship and do not approve of their relationship. He did everything possible to make them both goodbye, even arranging a marriage for Jun Pyo with another girl. The other F4 members and Ga Eul tried to reunite them. Until finally Gu Jun Pyo applying for Jan Di.

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