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Native Title: 49 Days
Type: TV
Episodes: 20
Status: Completed
Aired: Mar 16, 2011
Country: South Korea
Genres: Drama
Duration: 60 minute

Lee Yo-won as Song Yi-kyung/Shin Ji-min
Nam Gyu-ri as Shin Ji-hyun
Jo Hyun-jae as Han Kang
Bae Soo-bin as Kang Min-ho
Jung Il-woo as Scheduler/Song Yi-soo 
Seo Ji-hye as Shin In-jung
Choi Jung-woo as Shin Il-shik (daddy Ji-hyun's)
Yu Ji-in as Jung Mi-ok (mom Ji-hyun's 
Bae Geu-rin as Park Seo-woo
Son Byung-ho as Oh Hae-won 
Moon Hee-kyung as Bang Hwa-joon
Life Ji-Hyun (Nam Gyu-Ri) looked perfect. Her parents praised him and his friends admired him very much. Ji-Hyun also engaged to Min-Ho (Bae Soo-bin) and will be married in the next few days. Meanwhile, Yi-Kyung (Lee Yo-Won) is a woman who really despair over the death of his girlfriend in an accident, and brooder to commit suicide. He worked in a shop at night, while sleeping during the day.
One day, Yi-kyung get off the bus and walked into the middle of a busy road and tried to commit suicide, car crashes resulting streak. At that moment, someone saved his life by pulling him back. At that time, Ji-Hyun, who was driving near the site, failed to hit the brakes and hit a semi-trailer truck that stopped in the middle of the road. Moments later, Ji-Hyun walked out of his car in a daze. He was surprised to see that his body was taken to the ambulance. The only person who seems to notice standing in the way is a man on a motorcycle. The man on the motorcycle is the Scheduler (Jung Il Woo) - a kind of angel of death waiting to pick up one's soul to the next life.
Ji-Hyun followed her into the ambulance and paramedics noticed attempts to revive it. At the hospital, Ji-Hyun met Scheduler again. Scheduler said that because he had not been scheduled to die, then he was given a chance to recover from the coma and then revived. He must fulfill a mission: he must collect three pure tears of three people who truly love him apart from his family within 49 days. Ji-Hyun immediately thought of his fiancee and two best friends and he's certainly going to come back to life. Ji-Hyun then takes over the body Yi-kyung in a quest to find the three individuals. Ji-Hyun got a job at a restaurant owned by his high school friend, Han Kang (Jo Hyun Jae).
At that time, Ji-Hyun memories come back to him. Before the accident, Ji-Hyun remember going to see his best friend to show bridesmaid dresses that they have chosen for her. When he arrived, Ji-Hyun saw his best friend and his fiancée sitting intimately together in the car. He then drove to confront them when the accident occurred. Finally come to its senses about their treachery, Ji-Hyun now realize that it will not be so easy to find three people who sincerely loved him.

List of Episodes

49 Days episode 01      Mega      GDrive     Kbagi
49 Days episode 02      Mega       GDrive     Kbagi 
49 Days episode 03      Mega       GDrive     Kbagi
49 Days episode 04      Mega       GDrive     Kbagi
49 Days episode 05      Mega       GDrive     Kbagi
49 Days episode 06      Mega       GDrive     Kbagi
49 Days episode 07      Mega       GDrive     Kbagi
49 Days episode 08      Mega       GDrive     Kbagi
49 Days episode 09      Mega       GDrive     Kbagi
49 Days episode 10      Mega       GDrive     Kbagi
49 Days episode 11      Mega       GDrive     Kbagi
49 Days episode 12      Mega       GDrive     Kbagi
49 Days episode 13      Mega       GDrive     Kbagi
49 Days episode 14      Mega       GDrive     Kbagi
49 Days episode 15      Mega       GDrive     Kbagi
49 Days episode 16      Mega       GDrive     Kbagi
49 Days episode 17      Mega       GDrive     Kbagi
49 Days episode 18      Mega       GDrive     Kbagi
49 Days episode 19      Mega       GDrive     Kbagi
49 Days episode 20 End  Mega       GDrive     Kbagi

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