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           Hi friends this is my first post is about My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, drama is the first time I watched that made me almost tears eyes..hufft

Lee Seung-Gi as Cha Dea-Wong, Shin Min-Ah as Miho/Gumiho, Noo Min-woo  as Park Dong-joo
Cha Dae Woong (Lee Seung Ki) was being childish, he dreamed of becoming a superhero. One day he made a problem with his grandfather, his grandfather when he was arrested he fled aboard a car vegetables. Dae Woong arrive somewhere seingetku kind of shrine. Here Dae Woong accidentally frees gumiho (Shin Min Ah) nine-tailed demon fox females who had been trapped for 500 hundred years in a painting. The tangible gumiho a very beautiful woman Frightened Dae Woong ran and fell off a cliff. And to save Dae Woong gumiho it gives a very precious bead in her body to Dae Woong Dae Woong thus saved from death.
Once aware Dae Woong he wanted to go home but gumiho it continued to follow, because it has been stuck for hundreds of years gumiho it to be very strange, Dae Woong still do not believe it if gumiho it is a demon fox who could take human heart. Dae Woong always buy meat for Miho so do not eat it ...
Dae Woong also has a mind to throw it in a way stealth leave it in the boat, but he did not have the heart and bring back the stealth. The story is further complicated when Gumiho loved it and told Dae Woong keep precious beads by not going out with another woman. If the other women he was dating then the gumiho could fizzle. While in college Dae Woong like class brothers named Eun Hae In (Park Soo Jin). But over time Dae Woong began like Gumiho it ...
It's her perfect mate the handsome and the beautiful, at the beginning of the episode was funny to make me laugh out loud clay si Dae Woong fear followed the Gumiho, funny time Dae Woong teach Miho brush your teeth, the water used to rinse instead of actually swallowlowed and regurgitated the funny thing Miho even say hmmmm mastaaa...
But as usual after episode towards the end after the Dae Woong also like at the Miho,
who began his many obstacles and this made me have to press the FF button boredom with a sad love story huft:(...
In addition to a handsome oppa Seunggi no more No Min Woo role as Park Dong Joo, No Min Woo in the drama really handsome, the story later she will love just as the Miho ... This drama with 16 episodes and the romantic comedy genre, for those of you who liked the korean drama romantic comedy genre drama do not miss this one ...
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